The Club Helps Kids Lead Healthy Lifestyles and Avoid Risky Behaviors


We play an important role in providing a safe space to exercise, compete in team sports and establish lifelong friendships.

Youth who stay involved in the Club are more likely than their peers to have healthy habits, including being physically active and abstaining from risky behaviors like drinking alcohol, smoking and using marijuana.



The Club Helps Teens Graduate from High School & Prepared for a Great Future


Each year, 1 out of 6 students fails to graduate from high school on time.

Ensuring that every Club member graduates from high school on time with a solid plan for their future is of the highest priority to our Club. The Boys & Girls Club offers homework help, tutoring, educational enrichment and college preparation programs designed to support young people’s academic achievement.



The Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs has helped shape my life in three different ways. They have helped me with my health by encouraging me to lose weight, to work on my social skills and meet new friends and most importantly the club has challenged me to be a leader.
— Andrew Santa Cruz