Ages 13-18 Teen Center Membership

Ages 13-18 Teen Center Membership

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To provide top quality programming emphasizing health and life skills, education and career development, cultural awareness and physical development. These services are provided through a large network of trained and caring professionals. Our objective is to provide a safe environment that values character development, self-esteem, education and helps youth, especially those who need us most, reach their full potential. With the goal of fulfilling our mission, we have put in practice a series of principles. The Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs:

• Relies on professional staff and teachers

• Assures membership fees are accessible to all families

• Is for boys and girls of all races, color, religion and cultures.

• Offers diverse programming

• Is committed to learning


Registration is on a first come/first served basis and is subject to staff approval. Enrollment in the summer program does not guarantee your enrollment in the Afterzone program and vies-versa.

Teen Center Ages (13-18) is $20 annually and expires December 31st.